Open letter rector of the institute of russian political culture Dmitry Rode
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Abstract (English):
This work informs about the critical assessment of the author of the "Rector's Word" entitled "What is the Coming of the Antichrist and How to Prepare for It", which the addressee posted on his "channel". The main attention of the readers of the open letter is drawn to the narrowly one-sided ideological, and essentially anti-scientific conception of D. Rohde in assessing the prospects of the country and the world. A. Subetto considers such an approach unacceptable on the part of the rector neither in scientific, nor in moral and pedagogical terms. The critical analysis of "The Rector's Word" allowed A. Subetto, who is known to the readers of our journal as an active developer of the theory of noospheric socialism, to present the main aspects of this theory as arguments for criticism of the work of D. Rohde.

"The Rector's Word" by D. Rohde; the anti-scientific nature of D. Rohde's view of the prospects of the country and the world; Noospheric Socialism.
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